Dear Teachers,
Being endowed with knowledge, creativity, and intelligence is a wonderful thing. These traits together hold the potential to tame the human mind whether for the best or the worst. To tame it for the best, we need a positive guiding source. The teacher is that guiding source, who chisels the minds in a way that brings renaissance in individuals or the society. Such is the inherent power of an educator.

As an educator, your role is a highly responsible one. You help mould the younger generations today, who becomes the leaders tomorrow. In the process of making good and wise leaders, you cannot undermine the minute requisites for their nourishment. As a mentor, your role is multifaceted. You have to be a friend, a parent, a philosopher, motivator and a guide at the same time. Your patience and dedication for the betterment of your students is what will pay for them in future. They would always look up to you for all your encouragement. One can never deny the importance of a teacher in one’s life.

Student’s life is one of the most crucial times of one’s life. It is the first time; a child comes out of the protective cocoon of his home to experience a social life. It is that time when a child discovers the ways of interacting with the people outside the home. The teacher takes the role of parents here. A child starts developing the ideas and opinions of life which would later shape his mindset. It is the best time for a child to acquire knowledge along with moral character building. The teachers have to undertake this challenging task of addressing the students’ problems with due care. As a mentor, you too have your benefits. You are en-route to a journey of a never-ending learning process. While teaching, you have to answer to the curious minds of your pupils that make you dig deeper into the subject and learn better.


As no one can ever undermine your role as a teacher, we at HomeTuitionHelp, come forward to be at your service. We bring to you a range of opportunities to groom yourselves as a tutor such as:

Teacher Orientation/ Training:
Our training course is effectively designed to hone the required teaching skills. After applying for the orientation programme, you are required to verify your documents with us. The training session follows this. Once you have completed your course, you are needed to take an examination to avail the completion certificate.
Part-time Teaching Job:
If teaching has always been your calling, here is a scope for you to work as a part time home tutor. You may apply and submit us your resume. Considering your requirement, we would assign you students.
We regularly keep evaluating the performance of tutors in the form of feedbacks from students and their parents. We never step back in appreciating your outstanding work. ‘Best Teacher Award’ is one of our ways to inspire and motivate you as a tutor.