Teacher selection is one of the critical and a major task for the Shiksha Tutorials HR. Since the future of the children is in the hands of the teachers, we have stringent teacher selection procedure. We spend a lot of time and resource in finding a competent and the right Tutor for our home tutorial service.

Step 1) The applicant must submit the following documents to the Human Resources Office of Shiksha Tutorials.

  1. Completed Application.
  2. Current Resume.
  3. Copy of college or university certificate.
  4. Two letters of reference from supervisors/people of reputed personalities/ your lecturers or teachers who have observed you in the classroom.
  5. Your local address proof (Rental Agreement/DL/Passport Copy etc).
Step 2) Shiksha Tutorials screens your completed file.


Step 3) After reviewing the candidate(s) on the basis of Step No. 2, a number of candidates will be notified for the placement exam, group discussion, demo session and interview.

The main personal and professional characteristics which the interviewers will be looking are the following:

  • Poise.
  • Oral communication skills.
  • Listening skills.
  • Knowledge of subject area to be taught.
  • Knowledge of child growth and development.
  • Knowledge of instructional methodologies.
  • Interest in and knowledge of providing instruction for students of all ability levels.
  • Indication of empathy for others, especially children.
  • Intensity of dedication to children.
  • Indication of goal orientation.
Step 4) After the success in all the selection rounds, you will be asked to meet with HR for further procedure. In addition, we will contact your references and complete a background check.