Tutor – Home Tuition Agreement Form

Enhancing the student’s academic performance is our prime concern. Individuals with excellent subject competency and interest are welcome to undertake the tutoring activity with us. As we have very stringent requirements, we select tutors after a series of tests and interviews. To achieve superior quality products, we have devised certain standards. The teachers are required to adhere to those standards while delivering the services. The details are mentioned in the agreement below:

Tutor – ‘Home Tuition’ Agreement Format:


Please Note: The conditions mentioned in this agreement are subject to change without any prior notice. 

About Our Teachers:
We exercise great caution in selecting teachers for our institute. Apart from subject competency, we seek dedication, passion and patience in the tutors. Our selected teachers belong to various age groups. They may be professional teachers, college professors, graduates and undergraduates from reputed universities. A good teacher has a significant role to play in a student’s life.  He/she constantly chisels the pupil’s mind for better. Our teachers display great enthusiasm in making the learning process fun for the students. They are considerate enough and address the student’s problems with due care. They guide them towards improvement in gradual steps by understanding the pupil’s grasping ability. Our tutors hold expertise in their respective subjects and deliver an effective learning session. We conduct training sessions for the tutors from time to time. With such training sessions, the tutors tend to understand the pupil’s psychology better. When they implement such methodologies in the process, the result is astounding.