In many ways, the teacher becomes the role model for the students. Students tend to observe every minute behavior of their teacher. So a teacher should always be careful of the way he/she addresses the students.
Here are a few guidelines for the teacher.


  • Be Punctual:

Being punctual to the class shows your dedication towards your work. It also helps the pupils to realize the importance of time.

  • Address Pupils By Their Proper Names:

Our name is our identity. Addressing the pupils with proper name makes them feel important and respectful.

  • Be Patient While Dealing With The Pupils:

Not everyone has the same grasping ability. Be patient enough to make them understand the concepts. If the students get involved in misconduct, be calm and tackle the situation smartly without resorting to violence.

  • Be Informative Enough While Teaching, Cite Appropriate Examples To Give A Clearer Picture:

Learning becomes better with visual pictures and examples. It helps in retaining the knowledge for a longer time. If necessary use educational aids like animations, diagrams, and presentations. Focus on the understanding of the students, repeat the concepts if require.

  • Encourage Students To Ask Questions:

Make students feel comfortable in asking questions in the class. They learn better when their doubts get cleared.

  • Make The Teaching Session Interactive:

When there is more discussion in the classroom between the students and the teacher, many ideas get exchanged. The learning process becomes enjoyable.

  • Point Out The Mistakes And Always Motivate The Students To Improve:

When the students are aware of their mistakes, they can always know where they should improve. The teacher should always put their best efforts in correcting students. It gives students a positive feedback.

  • Never Yell And Show Your Rude Behavior:

Students are in a continuous learning process. They involuntarily tend to imitate their teachers. A rude behavior of teacher leaves a bad imprint on the students.

  • Revise The Previous Topics By Asking Insightful Questions In The Class:

When there is an insightful question asked, it opens up the mind of the students. It allows them to think more and revise well.

  • Dress Appropriately And Decently:

The way you dress speaks a lot. Make sure to dress up in a decent pair of clean and ironed clothes.

  • Give Equal Importance To All The Students:

No student should feel left out or biased by the teacher. Else it results in low confidence in the student.

Our most successful teachers have had their ups and downs in their career path. They would like to share some guidelines with prospective teachers.
1. Always find out your student’s strengths and weaknesses before starting the class.
2. Eliminate the weaknesses and channelize the strengths.
3. Make learning fun for the student rather than intimidating.
4. Assess the student’s progress continuously and discuss the assessment with the student.
5. Involve the parents.
6. If one approach does not work, don’t give up. Try an alternate approach.
7. Insist on learning the basics really well before moving on.
8. Practice is the key to success. Do as many revisions as possible.
9. Above all, don’t just make the student learn, inspire them to learn.
1. Never start a session without understanding the student’s needs.
2. Don’t go by the approach that worked best for you. Rather, go by the approach that best suits the student.
3. Do not intimidate the student. He has had enough stress at school. Try to be a friendly guide more than an instructor.
4. Do not get upset if you don’t get the desired results. Instead, motivate your student to get better.

Remember, a teacher can transform a person’s life magically. A good teacher will hold a special place in a person’s heart for eternity.

Happy Teaching!!!!